Sexy Pin Up Monsters

My sexy monsters saying sexy things from sexy movies card pack is finally available to purchase online! You can get them here:

Here are all of the different designs. You’ll get all of them in each pack.






The giant black signature is not on the actual cards though.


Yet again it is time for another batch of Drawlloween drawings! Here are the drawings from 21st – 25th of October.

Day 21 Demon

I think this guy ended up looking sort of cute.

Day 22 Witch

At least she’s got nice legs 😉

Day 23 Mummy

I love the Frankenweenie movie, and eventhough he only graced the screen for a few seconds, Colossus ended up being my favourite mummy of all time.

Day 24 Ghost

It is thoughts like this that keep me up at night….. :p

Day 25 Pumpkin

She is the sexiest of all the pumpkins!

In other news, I ended up putting up a stand at Desucon – Cosplay & Japan yesterday. It was not planned, so the merchandise I brought was sort of limited. But I did manage to sell a few thing and have a great time! Forgot to take pictures though…. Need to get better at that 😛


pin-up in a glass

Every once in a while, I enjoy drawing anatomically incorrect women. In fact, I don’t think I drew anything else when I was a teen… So luckily for me, that was just the kind of drawing my friend Lefki wanted for her birthday.


Hope you like it Lefki!

Ho ho ho

So the illustration course at Middlesex has made its own special Christmas/advent calendar this year. Everyone drew one day each and I got the 8th of December. I decided to draw a lovely Christmas ho (ho ho).



I have no idea how her top manages to stay in place…