magic monkey beans

Magic Monkey Beans – animation finished!

Finally finished it! I feel kind of bad for the monkey in it, but to be fair, he was pulling my face…

Song: Kaizers Orchestra – Kontroll På Kontinentet

Thank You Katie Markwick for helping me out with your acting skills 🙂

Animation update

I am still animating day and night, but I am finally starting to see the end of it (Hopefully by the end of this week.). So just to keep you guys updated, I have decided to add some stills from the animation. I LOVE the feeling you get when you are starting to see the end of a project 😀





Magic Monkey-Beans Background

I haven’t really had any time to celebrate Christmas this year because of uni work. Well, I am kinda in control on the other three projects, but the animation is time-consuming. But it is starting to look like something now at least, so I just might be able to go out an celebrate the new year with friends (I was actually thinking of celebrating it with my grandma at one point just to be able to do more work…)

I need to get back to work now, so I’m just gonna put in some backgrounds I’m using in the animation.



Hope everyone had a great Christmas, and If I don’t upload anything until next year, Have a happy new year!