Drawlloween 2016 – Day 24

​Day 24 – Frankenstein 

Frankenstein’s monster out walking his dog. Any suggestions on what kind of breed that dog is? Because I have no idea :p

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Sexy Pin Up Monsters

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The giant black signature is not on the actual cards though.


It is finally the 31st of October! Here are the last of the Drawlloween illustrations.

Day 26 Candy

I have actually never tasted candy corn… Is it good?

Day 27 Mask

The scariest mask of them all!

Day 28 Moon

I drew a Moonster :p

Day 29 Creature from the Black Lagoon

Not sure what to say about this one…

Day 30 Black Cat

I made a speed-drawing video of this illustration that you can view here:

Day 31 Skeleton

And to wrap things up, I drew Skeletor wishing everyone a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 😀


I guess this is what would happen if Halloween and Valentines day got mixed up. The name of that day would have been HalLOVEen…


Let me know if you can think of any funny captions to this drawing. Preferably with puns!

Happy Halloween everyone!