Peter Pan Zombie

I have been enjoying my vacation for the last few weeks, so that is why I haven’t really done any updating here in a while. But now I’m back 🙂

Thought it was about time to draw a new Disney Zombie. I really enjoy drawing these guys, so you shouldn’t be surprised if I draw some more in the future. Feel free to suggest characters if you want to.

I guess Peter Pan doesn’t have to worry about growing old any more 🙂

You can see the other Disney Zombies here.

December 1st 2012

Seeing how I did not have a single post in the whole of November on this blog, I have decided to do the opposite this month. I’m gonna have a new post every day! Until Christmas at least. That’s right! I am making an advent Calendar 😀

This Calendar will consist of one joke everyday. And I am starting with this one.

1st of December


I hope you’ll enjoy it!

PS: You can always ask if there is any of the jokes you don’t get.