December 14th 2014

14th of December

This one is based on a conversation I overheard on the bus between two teen girls talking about how they wished they could be the girl in “the fault in our stars”…

Lord of the Rings Zombies

The Lord Of The Rings is my fourth zombification victim. Even though there are so many awesome characters in the books and movies, I decided to only draw the fellowship of the ring. Thought it also might be a bit difficult drawing ringwraiths and orcs as zombies, seeing how they already look quite dead :p

As I have mentioned before, I am making these posters for Desucon Fantasy. Desucon Fantasy is a con for everything fantasy, held in Oslo the 5th of April. Me and My friend Regine are putting up a stand there were we will be selling prints, postcards and other handcrafted stuff. Regine is a cosplay enthusiast, and an expert at crafting costume stuff. She is also making awesome masks! And I mean proper masks, not just painted cardboard box masks :p

You can look at some of the things we are bringing and read (If you know Norwegian) more about our stand here: Fredrik & Regine’s stæsj. You can save some money by buying your ticket before the 29th of March here. If you are going to Desucon Fantasy, let me know! Hope to see you there 🙂

December 15th 2012

15th of December


Yes, I am fully aware that global warming is so last year. If not even older… But I really wanted to draw a polar bear.

15th of December already! Can’t believe I only have 10 more drawings left. Hope you have enjoyed the calendar so far 🙂