December 22nd 2013

22nd of December


There is always that one relative that gives the worst gifts every year… I remember I got a melted, half eaten chocolate once. It was literally only two bites left or something. Don’t remember who it was from. I was a kid though, so I still ate it :p

What is the worst thing you have ever gotten?


Self Portrait

The Drawn Chorus Collective is putting up a website, and in that occasion, all of the members were asked to draw themselves… I drew myself drawing on myself 🙂



A bunch of men doing business, or something like that.

 photo businessmen_zpsdb5b6346.jpg

You might have seen a cropped version of this before on my facebook-page, but i wanted to share the full version as well. So here it is.

Waldo is not in this image, so don’t bother looking for him 😉


This is a little project I am currently working on, which I will let you know more about at a later point. Think of it as a sneak preview of sorts 🙂 I just couldn’t let the whole of May pass without a single update :p

 photo owlcats_zpsb5b31fea.jpg

Eventhough not on purpose, I do quite enjoy the Cat Owl hybridness going on 🙂

Reworking a church

Making a website is not easy. Especially if you are kind of shit at coding. I am slowly starting to get it done now though 😀

While figuring out what work I want to put in my portfolio on the site, I decided on reworking a drawing I made of a church a while ago.

 photo kirke_zpsc4896097.jpg

You can see the old version here. Still might change the colors a bit, but I definitely prefer it with more than just one color.

PS: Someone found my blog searching for “sexy grandpa 4 volcano” the other day… Not sure if that says more about the person searching for my blog, or my blog. Any thoughts?