Monster Cat Stickers Pack

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Here’s the recap of all the makeovers I did of your pets in August for #EdensMakeoverMonday!


Ein looking devilishly handsome.


Leo the Reaper.

Tima & Beans

Tima & Beans as Harley Quinn and the Joker.


And the Unnamed chicken dinosaurs 🙂

I post a new #EdensMakeoverMonday drawing every Monday on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and a recap once every month here on wordpress.


It is finally the 31st of October! Here are the last of the Drawlloween illustrations.

Day 26 Candy

I have actually never tasted candy corn… Is it good?

Day 27 Mask

The scariest mask of them all!

Day 28 Moon

I drew a Moonster :p

Day 29 Creature from the Black Lagoon

Not sure what to say about this one…

Day 30 Black Cat

I made a speed-drawing video of this illustration that you can view here:

Day 31 Skeleton

And to wrap things up, I drew Skeletor wishing everyone a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 😀


Its time to post a new batch of Drawlloween drawings. I really do enjoy drawing these 🙂

Day 16 Scarecrow

I think Snow White would make a great scarecrow. If you goal is to get as many birds as possible to come…

Day 17 8-Bit Zombie

Was really looking forward to draw this one. Decided to draw Mega Man seeing how I have drawn most of the other famous 8-Bit characters as zombies already :p

Day 18 Gore

Yeah…….. Just don’t ask.

Day 19 Skull

Perfect excuse to draw some Batman villains 😀 Feel sad for leaving out the Riddler though.

Day 20 Devil

Hopefully her suit isn’t as flammable as most other halloween costumes :p

Hope you enjoy my Drawloween drawings so far. Still 11 more to come 🙂


December 14th 2012

14th of December


There are Certain benefits to having your name being an anagram to Santa, especially if you are Satan. So if you have any kids, you might want to spell-check that wishing list before you send it.