December 5th 2012

You can’t have Christmas without a few cute, talking animals. So I have decided to add them in my advent calendar as well 🙂

5th of December


I cant believe it has been 5 days already. Christmas is almost here!

Halloween Rat

I have gotten a part time job in a store selling costumes, decorations and novelties. And seeing how Halloween is not more than a month away, the store has been decorated from head to toe with pumpkins, ghosts, vampires, spiders and everything “Halloweeny”. Seeing how working in such an environment has kind of rubbed of on my mind lately, I felt like drawing something Halloween related.


So I ended up with this pumpkin hating crazy rat.

Is there anyone else looking forward to Halloween already?

Ballpoint Pen Portrait

Recently, I finished a private commission where I was supposed to draw portraits. I am not a big fan of drawing proper portraits, but I am pleased with the end result. Not sure if I felt like making it extra difficult for myself or wanted to try something new, but for some reason, one of the portraits ended up being drawn with a ballpoint pen.


Good to know that I did have use for those slow days at work, with nothing to do, other than practice drawing with ballpoint pen on post-its. I am now wondering when I will need my awesome paper plane folding skills :p