christmas calendar

December 2nd 2014

2nd of December


So yeah. Not gonna pretend I know exactly what ebola patients look like, but one of the top results on Google said that one of the symptoms is having a rash, so I went with that. I do my research… kinda.

December 1st 2013

I cant believe a year has gone by already. But I have somehow managed to put together a new Christmas calendar 🙂 I am keeping to traditions and giving you one joke everyday until the 25th of December. So here we go!

1st of December

If you know someone who might enjoy this, or someone who just needs a Christmas-calendar, feel free to send them a link to this one 🙂

You can find last years Christmas-Calendar here:

December 25th 2012

25th of December


And with this I conclude this advent calendar and say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a great new year!

It has been a lot of fun making this calendar, and I really hope you have enjoyed it. If you have a favorite calendar drawing, let me know which one. I am actually quite curious about this :p

Thank you for following my advent calendar. It is because of the response from you guys that has made this calendar so much fun to make 🙂


December 24th 2012

24th of December


Merry Christmas everybody!!!

And for those of you who do not celebrate Christmas until tomorrow, don’t worry. There will be a drawing up tomorrow as well 🙂

December 21st 2012

Happy Judgement day everyone!

21st of December


Imagine waking up to that… On second thought. don’t.

I am pretty sure making this Advent calendar has put me on Santa’s Naughty list :p