December 6th 2014

6th of December 



Turns out this is based on a true story :p

December 5th 2014

5th of December


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are enjoying this calendar so far 🙂


December 4th 2014

4th of December


Kinda makes receiving socks for christmas not seem that bad… Not that socks are bad. Just really lame compared to everything else… I did however get a pair of Batman socks I was genuinely happy for last year though 🙂



December 2nd 2014

2nd of December


So yeah. Not gonna pretend I know exactly what ebola patients look like, but one of the top results on Google said that one of the symptoms is having a rash, so I went with that. I do my research… kinda.

December 1st 2014

It is that time of year again. Christmastime! And since I don’t want to break traditions, I will post an advent calendar this year as well 😀 So here to kick things of is my first advent joke of 2014!

1st of December


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December 25th 2013

25th of December


I have managed to drag myself from the food induced coma to bring you the last day of this Christmas calendar. And with this post, I’m done with the joke advent calendar for 2013 🙂 Hope you have enjoyed it! And let me know which one was your favorite of the days!

Hope you got everything you wished for, and have a happy new year!