Shake that bear!

Some of you might remember the nipple rubbing barbarian I drew a little while ago for the awesome band Barbarian Fist. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can find the post HERE.

They wanted me to make a T-shirt design for them in Black and White. And this is what I ended up with.

So I guess when this barbarian is not rubbing his nipples, he enjoys spending his time riding bears while ripping their heads off 🙂

 photo barianfist_zps777749c2.jpg

PS: Eventhough it might not seem like it based on a few of my posts, I really do love animals.

Especially dead ones.


Just joking :p Animals are awesome.

December 15th 2012

15th of December


Yes, I am fully aware that global warming is so last year. If not even older… But I really wanted to draw a polar bear.

15th of December already! Can’t believe I only have 10 more drawings left. Hope you have enjoyed the calendar so far 🙂