Branching out

So, this one is kind of old, but I have not uploaded it here before. Since I was graduating this year, we were supposed to have a box with some small books with some of the students work in it. We were supposed to come up with a design for this box that would work for all the courses in general. So here is what I did.


Inside the big box, there would be one box each for illustration, graphic design, animation and photography. Those boxes looked like this.

Illustration                                                            Graphic design

Photobucket         Photobucket

Animation                                                             Photography

Photobucket         Photobucket

My design suggestion did not get selected, but it did get a few votes, so I’m happy 🙂

Magic Monkey Beans – animation finished!

Finally finished it! I feel kind of bad for the monkey in it, but to be fair, he was pulling my face…

Song: Kaizers Orchestra – Kontroll På Kontinentet

Thank You Katie Markwick for helping me out with your acting skills 🙂

Animation update

I am still animating day and night, but I am finally starting to see the end of it (Hopefully by the end of this week.). So just to keep you guys updated, I have decided to add some stills from the animation. I LOVE the feeling you get when you are starting to see the end of a project 😀





Ruttinerte kara intro

One of my last assignments last year at uni, was to create a movie intro for Ruttinerte Kara. I haven’t gotten around to upload it before now. This is not the actual intro for Ruttinerte Kara and the logo has had some big changes since I made this short animation. My little brother made the soundtrack.