The #EdensMakeoverMonday victims from last month.

Chewy the homework eating demon dog.

Cheena the three eyed space cat.

Polly the budgie. Poor thing :p

And finishing the month of March off, the snake Tony Harrison as Popeye.


Here are all of Februarys #EdensMakeoverMondays 🙂

Tiger the cat got turned in to some kind of alien monster thing.

Beetlejuice the snake got some legs and claws.

And Ziggy Stardust ended up as a dashing luchador!

Shake that bear!

Some of you might remember the nipple rubbing barbarian I drew a little while ago for the awesome band Barbarian Fist. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can find the post HERE.

They wanted me to make a T-shirt design for them in Black and White. And this is what I ended up with.

So I guess when this barbarian is not rubbing his nipples, he enjoys spending his time riding bears while ripping their heads off 🙂

 photo barianfist_zps777749c2.jpg

PS: Eventhough it might not seem like it based on a few of my posts, I really do love animals.

Especially dead ones.


Just joking :p Animals are awesome.

December 5th 2012

You can’t have Christmas without a few cute, talking animals. So I have decided to add them in my advent calendar as well 🙂

5th of December


I cant believe it has been 5 days already. Christmas is almost here!