December 4th 2013

4th of December


This one is based on the saying “every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings” made famous by the Christmas movie Its a Wonderful Life.

Acrobatic Clown Goons

I made these guys to be part of the window display for the upcoming show The Greatest Show on Earth!

 photo cirkusring_zps27052ef9.jpg

A bunch of unhappy acrobatic clown goons 🙂

I’m not a big fan of clowns in real life. Not that I’m scared of them, but I just find them trying to hard to be funny… The whole thing where they do something “funny” and then just intensely stare at you until you laugh is very awkward to me. I usually just turn and walk away when that happens. Not that it happens to often :p

They are fun to draw though.

December 15th 2012

15th of December


Yes, I am fully aware that global warming is so last year. If not even older… But I really wanted to draw a polar bear.

15th of December already! Can’t believe I only have 10 more drawings left. Hope you have enjoyed the calendar so far 🙂

Halloween Rat

I have gotten a part time job in a store selling costumes, decorations and novelties. And seeing how Halloween is not more than a month away, the store has been decorated from head to toe with pumpkins, ghosts, vampires, spiders and everything “Halloweeny”. Seeing how working in such an environment has kind of rubbed of on my mind lately, I felt like drawing something Halloween related.


So I ended up with this pumpkin hating crazy rat.

Is there anyone else looking forward to Halloween already?