Magic Monkey Beans – animation finished!

Finally finished it! I feel kind of bad for the monkey in it, but to be fair, he was pulling my face…

Song: Kaizers Orchestra – Kontroll På Kontinentet

Thank You Katie Markwick for helping me out with your acting skills 🙂

Ruttinerte kara intro

One of my last assignments last year at uni, was to create a movie intro for Ruttinerte Kara. I haven’t gotten around to upload it before now. This is not the actual intro for Ruttinerte Kara and the logo has had some big changes since I made this short animation. My little brother made the soundtrack.

Auction Animation

Had to stay up all night to finish it in time. It was done rendering 10 minutes before I had to leave for uni. I wish I had a better camera to record my mouth with though. Because now it sometimes look like people how a mustache because of the grainy recordings. I had a lot of fun making this 😀 “Crossing my finger for a good grade”.