STEW Magazine

Got my work published in the newest issue of STEW Magazine for curious kids! I just received it in the mail and I’m really happy with how it came out 🙂
I also feel honoured to have my work with such great company. So many beautiful illustrations in this magazine!




The page 2 illustration is my contribution ^^


    1. Thank you! Only the illustration is mine though. I was given the story. Changing the wording in the post now so it doesn’t sound like i did the whole thing :p

      1. The drawing of course is boss, it’s a given…
        Did you team up with someone? The magazine’s blurb at the bottom of the page make it sound like author and illustrator are one.

        1. I was given the two-sentence story and a short description of what they wanted drawn from Stew magazine. So it was a team up in that regard. But I have no idea of who wrote it. I see what you mean though, seeing how its only my signature on the whole page.

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