Month: April 2013

Fat banana

I thought the “Do I look fat in this?” situation only happened in movies, until this happened at work today.

 photo 1random_zpsa19608fd.jpg

I guess the lesson is, If your wife/girlfriend asks if she looks fat in something, you are supposed to say no. Even if it is a giant banana costume…

FYI: She ended up buying a Super-girl costume instead.

Barbarian Fist

I made this for an awesome band called Barbarian Fist. They are a Rock /Stoner rock /Doom metal band. You can hear their first track and find more information about them here.

 photo barbarianfist_zps1df712c9.jpg

Besides being told the bands name, the only other wish for the design was that it was not supposed to take itself to serious, and to have fun with it. Which I interpreted to mean “draw a hairy barbarian rubbing his nipples on a pile of skulls”…

If you enjoyed what you heard on the link, you should like their band page on facebook.

I cant wait for them to upload some more music 😀