Reworking a church

Making a website is not easy. Especially if you are kind of shit at coding. I am slowly starting to get it done now though 😀

While figuring out what work I want to put in my portfolio on the site, I decided on reworking a drawing I made of a church a while ago.

 photo kirke_zpsc4896097.jpg

You can see the old version here. Still might change the colors a bit, but I definitely prefer it with more than just one color.

PS: Someone found my blog searching for “sexy grandpa 4 volcano” the other day… Not sure if that says more about the person searching for my blog, or my blog. Any thoughts?


  1. dude. that’s some pretty dope perspective work right there.

    GOOD LUCK WITH THE SITE! needless to say i am horrendously excited about seeing it go live. how’s it going?

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