Hitchcock Posters

Finished all of the projects today! Which means I finally have the time to socialize again.

One of the projects handed in today was a project about Hitchcock posters. I was supposed to make 3 different Alfred Hitchcock film posters. Started the project with watching some of his greatest classics, and after that some of his less known ones. I ended up making posters for “the Birds”, “Vertigo” and “Trouble with Harry”. They were printed out in A2, so they are quite big.

I surprised myself by not making a poster for Psycho, which is one of my favorite films.


Vertigo has one of the funniest endings I have seen  in a long time. Where did the nun come from?


I was surprised that I had never heard of Trouble with Harry before. It is one of my favorite Hitchcock films now.


Still a classic.


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